Jackie Feik, left, and her sister Bonda Powell sit in their sister’s Redmond home. Their sister, Cindy Powell, committed suicide at St. Charles Hospital in Bend.

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  1. Oh dear. Jackie, I was Cindy’s boyfriend for a couple of years. We connected because I was a radio reporter and looking for a good story, and saw her connection with Civil Air Patrol. I had been in that when I was a teen and I loved flying, can’t afford it now, but loved flying. So did Cindy. I actually went with her and Jack one day out of Redmond when he rented a plane and we went flying. It scared the hell of me, when I saw how Jack piloted, but Cindy loved it.
    Eventually, she pushed me out of her life and went and married that guy in Utah. I will never understand that, and I wish I could have helped her as her borderline personality disorder developed.
    I still think Cindy and her cat Charlie were in a good space, but I also think many people were just plain mean to her. I cannot understand how you do that to people. Nothing ends like we want it to…Cindy for Sure.

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