Help People With A Mental Illness Help Each Other: Donate to Eyes & Ears

Will Hall speaks about the fundraising campaign for the Eyes & Ears newsletter

Hello, my name is David Green, and I would like to talk to you about the Eyes & Ears Newsletter, which is created by consumers of mental health services to help their fellow consumers in their recovery, and also share valuable information with family members and professionals, who can in turn share it with the consumers in their lives.

The staff of Eyes & Ears are themselves consumers in the mental health system, who have been working with consumer newsletters for more than twenty years. I am the Assistant Editor, and work with Duane Haataja, our Editor.

We provide news, resources, and stories of hope and recovery. Your donation will help us help our fellow consumers, by putting resources, news, and hope into their hands – all of which will help them, and us, on our journey of recovery.

Our journeys are as individual as we are, and we provide information from a wide variety of viewpoints – from the mental health consumer/survivor movement and the traditional mental health system, from NAMI and Robert Whitaker, and our readers themselves, who are always welcome to make contributions.

We are already a valued resource for consumer/survivors, and are one of the most widely-distributed consumer/survivor publications on the internet. A limited number of paper copies are already being printed and distributed by Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare at their clinics.

We want to provide paper copies of our newsletter to the many consumers who can’t afford internet access. Poverty is a fact of life for many of us. Our newsletters will be distributed at local mental health clinics, residential complexes, and anywhere consumers could use some hope.

We are doing this fundraising campaign thru Kickstarter. Our campaign ends on March 2nd. Your donation will be matched by one of our donors, so it will go twice as far! As of the evening of Sunday, Feb. 26th, we have raised $1880 from 24 backers. We are trying to raise $4000. Use the following link to donate:

Eyes and Ears Fundraising Campaign on Kickstarter

A donation of any size will be appreciated, and will help provide news, resources, and hope to aid our fellow consumers in their journeys of recovery.

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