Hearing Voices and Extreme States Peer Support Group Facilitator Training July 16

Hearing Voices Group Facilitation Training July 16-18, 2012

Portland, Oregon (location TBA)
This training is offered free of charge, but space is limited.
Please apply here: www.peerlinktac.org/hearing-voices
Applications are due Friday, June 15th.

The Hearing Voices Facilitators Training will give you the skills and knowledge to run Hearing Voices and Extreme States support groups!

Hearing Voices Groups (also called Voices and Extreme States groups) are a peer-led place to share and explore voices and any other kind of unusual and extreme experience, in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. These states are sometimes labeled psychosis, but we need to embrace a much wider view of human possibility. Started more than 20 years ago in Europe, these groups are now spreading in the US! One of the original UK Hearing Voices founders, Ron Coleman, will lead the training, joined by Oryx Cohen (National Empowerment Center) and Will Hall (Portland Hearing Voices).

In this 3-day training voice hearers and people with unusual experiences come together with people who have not experienced these states. The result is a powerful diversity for learning, and a solid foundation for setting up and facilitating groups.

Peers, professionals, and allies are welcome: priority to those committed to creating a group.

Selected trainees will be notified by June 22, 2012. This training is offered free of charge and space is limited. Selected trainees are responsible for their own travel, lodging and meals.

Please apply here: www.peerlinktac.org/hearing-voices

Peerlink National Technical Assistance Center
503.922.2377 | 1.888.820.0318

Portland Hearing Voices “Embrace Mental Diversity” www.portlandhearingvoices.net

This training is made possible by grant funding from SAMHSA Grant #1HR1SM059955-01