Familiar Face to Sue City After Cops Bust Down Door

From Willamette Week, May 27, 2008

A Portland State University student who’s been a persistent headache for local cops is back in action.

Richard Prentice, 34, gave notice to the city last Friday that he intends to sue for $10,000 after police allegedly broke down his door without a warrant.

“The whole apartment was shaking,” Prentice tells WWire. “They said, ‘we’re coming in no matter what.’ “

Prentice says the incident happened in part as retaliation by police for his role in a well-publicized incident June 14, 2007. Prentice was arrested that evening while taping posters to the wall of the federal courthouse downtown that accused officers of murdering James Chasse Jr., a schizophrenic who died in police custody in 2006.

Prentice told reporters he was intimidated by officers in his cell after he was arrested that evening. He notified the city of his intent to sue over that incident, but a lawsuit has not yet been launched.

In his latest court filing, Prentice says he also plans to sue after police responded Feb. 12 to a neighbor’s noise complaint at his apartment at 3110 SW 13th Ave. He says police broke down his door and arrested him. His trial for disorderly conduct is scheduled for June 2 in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Prentice says he has no doubt his latest arrest was connected with his poster incident last year. “They know who I am. They don’t like me,” he says.

The police and the city attorney’s office do not comment on pending lawsuits.

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