Eyes & Ears – March 2013

Here’s the March 2013 edition of Eyes & Ears, a mental health consumer run newsletter for consumers, their friends & family and mental health professionals.

Download and read the March 2013 issue at:

Online Reading Version of Eyes & Ears – with links
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Contact the editor at eyes.ears_newsletter@yahoo.com

Included in this issue:

*  Evidence-Based Mental Health Programs Await Better Funding
*  Former Oregon Chief Justice Paul DeMuniz to serve as mediator on Portland Police reforms
*  Marijuana PTSD Bill Clears Senate Health Committee
*  Extra on the online version with links: ; Sequester news; ACA mental-health plan’s growing pains;
“New Federal Rule Requires Insurers to Offer Mental Health Coverage”; Entry on Mental Illness Added to AP Stylebook; Oregon Legislature Updates from DRO; Who Wants to Save a Junkie? Oregon can, with one simple step. So far, it hasn’t.; and a lot more
*  Coming events: Annual Rethinking Psychiatry Film Festival; 2013 NAMIWalk Northwest; Rethinking Psychiatry General Meeting Lecture Series resumes in April

Besides other news there are a variety of listings of meetings, services, support groups, job opportunities and more.