Eyes & Ears – November 2011

Clipart NewspaperHere’s the November 2011 edition of Eyes & Ears, a mental health consumer run newsletter for consumers, their friends & family and mental health professionals.

Download and read the November 2011 issue at:
Online Reading Version of Eyes & Ears – with links
Full article version of Eyes & Ears – for printing

Contact the editor at eyes.ears@cascadiabhc.org

Included in this issue:
* Billboards with hotline number are up; now, so are calls to Crisis Line
* Mental health advocate Ron Coleman speaks at Empowerment Initiatives
* A new life for Oregon’s recovering addicts
* GUEST VIEWPOINT: Junction City hospital
* Officials worried by thought of having no psychiatric ward
* Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) contacts, Housing wait list opens Nov. 16th-18th
* Extra on the online version with links: Finally, a small step down the road to justice for Lukus Glenn; Troubling Trends in Mental Health Funding; Calling City Hall, Occupy Portland on housing; Penn team finds success with talk therapy for schizophrenia; and more
* Coming Events: Book Club at Empowerment Initiatives, Mental Health Advocates Meet!, Guilty Except for Insanity, International Survivors of Suicide Day conferences (Nov.19th), and more

Besides other news there are a variety of listings of meetings, services, support groups, job opportunities and more.

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