Extraordinary Survivors- sharing their extraordinary journeys

Empowerment Initiatives community welcomes:

Ron Coleman & Paul Baker

Where: Empowerment Initiatives offices, 3941 SE Hawthorne at 12 – 2 PM

PLEASE JOIN US – Friday, October 21 at 12 — 2 PM


Questions? Call 503-249-1413 or ghahn@chooseempowerment.com

Bus line: #14 & #75


Ron Coleman is a mental health trainer and consultant specializing in psychosis prevention and resolution. He has designed training packages to enable voice hearers to gain ascendancy over the negative aspects of the voice hearing experience. His own route to recovery after spending 13 years in & out of the psychiatric system has given him many insights into the many difficult issues facing today’s mental health services. Ron has published several books including “Politics of the Mad-house” and “Recovery: an Alien Concept?” He also co –authored “Working with Voices” & “Working to Recovery.”

Paul Baker is a community development and group worker. He has a Post-graduate Diploma in Community Education, specializing in working with young people and people with mental health problems. Paul has worked in the health care and education sectors for the last 30 years. He had the responsibility to develop innovative mental health care services in the community including services run by the people who use them, self-advocacy services, supported housing services, social firms and enterprises as well as the development of forums for people to enable them to have a direct input in the development and running of services. Paul was one of the founding members of the Hearing Voices Network in England and is currently the coordinator of INTERVOICE, the influential coordinating body for the international hearing voices movement.