Evan Geier – Candidate Survey 2022

Evan Geier

Evan Geier
Candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner

Campaign website – www.evan.wiki
Campaign email address – ptratz@outlook.com

Question One – People with lived experience of mental illness, addiction, alcoholism, and or trauma are under-represented in public office. What is your personal experience with these illnesses?

I live with two disabilities including schizophrenia and the fact that I am not a perfectionist.

Question Two – Oregon ranks at the bottom of states in a well-regarded national survey of access to public treatment services for mental illness, addiction and alcoholism. What can you in office do to change this?

I have lived with and among people with disability and know social contact is important and will work so that people have something to do so they don’t feel as though they don’t belong or are not important.

Question Three – In that same national survey, Oregon ranks at the top for prevalence of mental illness, addiction and alcoholism. What can you in office do to change this?

Something to do other than going to a bar where people drink and socialize thus creating more drinkers by association is important. Furthermore, understanding mental illness is important to acceptance of someone who has a mental illness is important thus reducing awkwardness and misunderstanding of differences.

Question Four – A natural consequence of lack of access to treatments and high prevalence of mental illness, addiction and alcoholism is chronic homelessness. Why isn’t Portland’s strategy to reduce homelessness working and what could you do in office to change that?

Portland’s strategy isn’t working because they aren’t fully utilizing existing capacity and the government has too much a hand in the industry displacing the free market.

Question Five – In 2015 the US DOJ found the Portland Police Bureau has a pattern and practice of harming people with mental illness. There’s little data to show that pattern and practice has changed, and no data to show other metro area police bureaus are any different. How would you in office engage with this problem?

Allowing citizens to go through public safety training as though they are becoming a police member so that citizens can understand the police and police understand the public also on my website www.evan.wiki as a part of my platform.