Citizens Without Addresses

Citizens Without Addresses – a local report on homelessness

This 47 Minute documentary program examines homelessness in the Eugene-Springfield area in 1990-1991 from three perspectives.

Who are the homeless? Popular stereotypes fall short of the reality.

Why are they homeless? How accessible is the American Dream now?

What is being done to help? How effective is it?

To find answers to these questions, the producers interviewed city officials, social service workers, and people on the street. They also visited emergency shelters, soup kitchens, and illegal campsites to talk to members of the local homeless community bout their circumstances.

Producers: Will Doolittle, Maryann Francis, Kevin Hayden, Greg Moore, Mark Stafford, George Stathakis, Ross West.

First broadcast December 22, 1991 on KVAL-TV in Eugene.

Thanks are due to the McKenzie River Gathering Foundation, KVAL-TV, and many others.