Cascadia Update: August 6, 2008

From the Multnomah County Mental Health / Cascadia Transition Planning web page.

If you’re receiving updates about the County’s Cascadia Transition Plan via email, please comment below. To date we have not received one.

Cascadia officials continue to work with Multnomah County to make sure that clients receive all needed services. More transitions are occurring as Cascadia looks for ways to reduce its costs.

Cascadia, all other mental health providers, the county, state and community stakeholders will continue to ensure access to quality mental health treatment services within Multnomah County. To that end, we want clients to know that designated services in the memo of understanding with Cascadia, the State of Oregon DHS and Multnomah County have been transitioned or transitions are underway.

The latest changes include:

* LifeWorks assuming full responsibility for the Gresham clinic. The transition will be completed by August 18. Services will continue.

* Central City Concern has begun a comprehensive assessment on the Downtown clinic known as the 12th Street site. The target date for completion of the assessment is the third or fourth week in August.

Cascadia clients will be informed in advance of any changes that may affect them. Continue seeing your provider until you are notified of services being transferred.

All Cascadia intakes have reopened

Intakes are open for all Cascadia locations, including Downtown, Garlington, Plaza and Woodland Park sites. New clients should call the Multnomah County Mental Health Call Center at 503-988-4888 for assistance.

Residential and housing services

Cascadia managers and staff met with county, city and state officials on August 1 to review the mental health provider’s housing resources. These meetings will continue. The plan calls for residents to stay in their current housing.

Future actions

Multnomah County and its state and community partners will continue to closely monitor the financial stability of Cascadia.

Clients who have questions or concerns should call the county’s Mental Health Call Center at 503-988-4888. The Call Center operates 24/7.