Call for Voluntary Resignations October 8

The Mental Health Association of Portland asks all persons concerned with civil society, with healthcare, with justice issues, and who care for the welfare of persons with mental illness, to join us on October 8 2009 and ask for the VOLUNTARY RESIGNATIONS of Portland police officers Kyle Nice, Christopher Humphreys and Bret Burton.

All systems of justice and formal request for accountability have failed. It’s time for us to act.

Please forward this information to ALL EMAIL LISTS and ALL MEDIAS and ALL COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS.

Join the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Disability Rights Oregon, Mental Health America of Oregon and other organizations and individuals in asking for the police resignations.

These three police officers brutally beat James Chasse and ignored his injuries until he died approximately 100 minutes later.

The actions of these officers, and the lack of appropriate response of our courts and public administrators, have broken a vital bond of trust within this community.

We ask for resignations as an important step toward renewing trust and respect between police officers and citizens.

For all news about James Chasse visit our web site.

Here’s how you can help.

  • Email the officers and ask them to resign – contact information below
  • Call or email politicians and ask them to join us calling for officers to voluntarily turn in their badges
  • Forward this email message to your friends and colleagues – get the word out
  • Make a sign for your bike, car, window or lawn
  • Wear a button, make a poster, write a song, talk to a friend
  • Write a letter to the editor of a local paper
  • Join us for a press conference on October 8, speak out, tell your story, wave signs, sing songs
  • Join our Facebook page

We will hold a press conference on October 8 at 9 AM at the offices of Disability Rights Oregon, 620 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 500, and invite all persons who wish to ask the officers to resign to come to speak up and speak out.

If you or your organization can join us, in person or in spirit, please email


Kyle Nice, Portland Police Bureau – email

Christopher Humphreys
, Portland Police Bureau – email

Bret Burton, Portland Police Bureau – email

Rosie Sizer, Chief of Police, Portland Police Bureau – email, 503-823-0000

Dan Saltzman, Police Commissioner, City Council – email, 503-823-4000

Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland – email , 503-823-4000

Randy Leonard, City Council – email, 503-823-4000

Amanda Fritz, City Council – email, 503-823-4000

Nick Fish, City Council – email, 503-823-4000

LaVonne Griffin-Valade
, City Auditor – email, 503-823-4000

Robert Skipper, Multnomah County Sheriff – email, 503-988-4300

Michael Schrunk, Multnomah County District Attorney – email, 503-988-3162