About Us

The Mental Health Association of Portland is the Oregon’s impartial and independent advocate for persons with mental illness and addiction. Our task is to help persons with a diagnosis of mental illness or addiction speak up and speak out – and to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. It is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization, tax identification 20-0138570, governed by a volunteer board of directors since 2003. The organization is funded through individual donations and receives no church, foundation, government or corporate funding. The organization maintains an advisory council for individual advocacy projects.

For the Media: Download Media Guide – Your Language Matters When Writing About Mental Illness. If you’re a member of the media, we will ask you to read this document prior to speaking with one of our representatives.

Our advocacy at the Oregon State Hospital to build a memorial for 3700 deceased patients made the New York Times front page, won The Oregonian a Pulitzer and launched an investigation which got the hospital rebuilt. Our advocacy on behalf of persons routinely harmed by the Portland police has been front page news since the death of James Chasse in 2006. The leveraged effect has changed both policies and procedures by patrol officers, jail deputies, prosecuting and defense attorneys, judges and court administrators. Our critically acclaimed documentary film, Alien Boy, is nationally distributed through Breaking Glass Pictures.

The organization provides information to the public through our web site. With links to over 10,000 articles and documents about Oregon mental health it is perhaps the largest web site dedicated to mental health advocacy. The site is updated daily and has over 40,000 subscribers through email, Facebook, Twitter and an eventual reach of over 1.4 million. No income is made from the site.

For an inventory of some of our past and present advocacy projects, click RECENT PROJECTS tab, above.

About Fair Use: Oregon advocates for persons with mental illness and addiction deserve a careful, impartial, independent history of policy, events and persons. Prior to this site no history of Oregon’s mental illness system existed. We collect and maintain copyrighted articles because they include, for now, the best documentation of what has happened to persons with mental illness in our state. Library sites are secured from non-members and for-profit news sites routinely delete their own archives, so we secure these articles, attributed and linked when possible, for future historians and advocates.

Specific Help Offered

The organization provides technical support for projects designed and provided by people with mental illness. If you need help with a project, let us know.

We do not give individual, legal, medical or clinical advice, provide any direct services, or keep legal or medical records.

If you are seeking an advocate for yourself, send us an email for our list of recommended attorneys, social workers and community mental health agencies in your area. If you are seeking an advocate for friend, colleague or family member, have them send us a note.

Board of Directors

Jenny Westberg – Journalist
Jason Renaud – Nonprofit administrator
Chandler Kerns – Recovery advocate
Michael Hopcroft – Medical records administrator
Jeffrey Donohoe, CPA – Accountant

Advocates Council

Karl Anderson is software engineer creator of the organization’s still secret ‘Plan B.’
Beckie Child, MSW, is a nationally recognized mental health advocate and instructor at Portland State University’s School of Social Work.
Ian Chisholm, is a community advocate and a bookkeeper
Sandra Chisholm, MPA, is a founding board member of the Mental Health Association of Portland.
Rachael Duke is Executive Director of Community Partners for Affordable Housing.
Kevin Fitts has been an advocate for people with mental illness for over thirty years.
Brenton Gicker is an Emergency Medical Technician with CAHOOTS in Eugene.
Bob Joondeph, J.D., has been the Executive Director of Disability Rights Oregon since 1991.
Zeb Larson is a doctoral student of history at Ohio State University.
Matthew Klug is a bike and police accountability advocate.
Brian Lindstrom is a teacher, filmmaker, and director of Alien Boy: the Death and Life of James Chasse.
Stephanie Matheson is a nonprofit administrator, photographer and public speaker.
Dean Mathiesen is a performer, collector and arts impresario.
Marc Moscato is an art and history evangelist in Seattle.
Patrick Nolen is a homelessness and public housing advocate.

Notable Former Board and Advisory Council Members

Roy Silberstein, Ph.C – Founder of MHAP
Will Hall – Counselor and public speaker
Chris O’Connor, J.D. – Metropolitan Public Defender Services

Contact Us
By mail: PO Box 3641 Portland, Oregon 97208
By email: info@mentalhealthportland.org