2008 Survey – Portland Habilitation Center

Portland Habilitation Center

Mission: The mission of PHCNW is to assist individuals with disabilities by providing the training they need to develop their skills so that they may obtain and maintain meaningful work.

Services: PHC trains and hires disabled persons for janitorial work, landscaping, some office work, production work. They also manage over 400 units of low income housing.

Staff: John Murphy and 200+ more.

Board: Dale Rasmussen, Gerald “Jerry” Kibe, Art Marshall, Carolyn Duran, Michael DeWolf, David Engberg,, Joshua Hoyt, Robert D. Johnson, Krista Liles, Shad Luedke, Kathleen Nixon, Gary Savadove, Edwin Wai

Contact: 503-261-1266 and jmurphy@phcnw.com

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