Education + Advocacy + Action = CHANGE!

The Mental Health Association of Portland provides educational and advocacy opportunities for people with mental illness and addiction.

From the classroom to the courtroom, from the statehouse to the bedside, supporters of the organization educate the community and advocate for improvements in the public health system, the criminal justice system, the public housing system, and the path between – the mental health system.

The organization supports four enduring projects; the Law & Mental Health Conference, the Alternative Mobile Services Association, and the Mental Health Alliance, and the Public Housing Conference. The organization is a member of or in alliance with several organizations, including the Albina Ministerial Alliance for Justice and Police Reform, the Oregon Council on Behavioral Health, the Disability Rights Oregon, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, and the Homeless Alcohol and Drug Intervention Network.

The organization is peer-led, independent and impartial. It receives no grant funding from governments or corporations. The organization maintains a large advisory council of both peers and professionals who are community leaders or subject matter experts.

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